Jarael Adams is the Founder/CEO of Paint the Town Studio & Gallery, LLC a social painting studio and gallery, and the Ink Gallery LLC., both right in the heart of the historic Allentown district. Growing up in the inner city of Buffalo, art was Jarael’s way to communicate what he wanted to say and images that he wanted people to see. It was his escape for the social ills that plagued his community. Jarael was inspired by his McKinley High school art teacher, Mr. Wright, who constantly quoted “If you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life.”

Jarael explored his art studies further at the Art Student League in New York City, as well as private lessons from renowned artists. When the idea of social painting erupted, Jarael saw an opportunity to take something he loved and simplify in such a way that everyone, no matter their age, or art ability could enjoy.  His clients describe him as “patient, reassuring and fun.” Jarael provides step-by-step instruction and all who takes his class leaves with a masterpiece. Everyone starts with a blank canvas and with instruction and creativity, they produce something that they would not have otherwise. For the person that could not draw stick figures, it is amazing. Some people find it therapeutic, others enjoy it so much that they celebrate their special occasions with a “paint party.” 

Over the last nine years Paint the Town has held numerous paint parties and classes in local establishments and schools across Buffalo and Western New York.

Jarael has created large scale artworks on walls. As a muralist, he has been contracted locally and internationally. He uses various techniques, including painting and drawing that reflect the community, school, businesses identity, history, or aspirations.

Jarael has transformed public spaces into vibrant and engaging visual experiences. He is now contracted through various community service programs (21st Century, Matt Urban, Buffalo Center for the Arts, Community Action Organization) to do his art classes for ages ranging from first graders to senior citizens. Jarael also started the heARTwork Foundation to spread the love of art. To see the medium of art used to engage kids is refreshing. Their creativity combined with the skills they are learning is immeasurable. In a time where music and the arts are being eliminated in schools, this program provides an alternate means to be involved in something. The senior citizens enjoy their art experience as well. The masterpiece they create is meaningful and reflective in nature; it often reminds them of a story, one they can paint on canvas. 

Jarael’ s ultimate goal is to help build and develop the art community on a local and national level.

Jarael is dedicated to continuous passion of the craft,  community service using art, and spreading his gift for the enjoyment and uplifting of others.

Paint the Town
Paint. Laugh. Experience.

74 Allen Street
Buffalo, NY 14202